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venerdì 25 luglio 2014

New Italia Startup Visa is operative. An excellent opportunity for non-EU innovative enterprises.

For non-EU blog followers concerning new Italia Startup Visa:

July 24, 2014 Ministry of Economic Development has presented the Italia Startup Visa, I.S.V. a very important step of the Italian Startup Law 221/2012.
I can underscore to our international readers that Italy has implemented an interesting Startup Law to encourage the creation and development of innovative international startups whose business is based on technology.

The Italia Startup Visa policy is designed to help our country will become a global hub for international investment and talent and provides a process for non-EU players to found innovative startups in Italy.
Italian Law ensures tax relief on seed and venture capital investments, equity crowfunding provisions, substantial guarantees on bank loans, labour law, etc.

Startup Limited Company as I.S.V. applicant must be domiciled and shall place Head Office in Italy.
There are two ways: direct application or to be hosted by certified startup Incubators.
The I.S.V. Committee based in Rome check documents and business plan of applicants.

So let's take the occasion to establish a business close to the areas of Rome Colosseum, Milan Duomo, Florence bridges over Arno, Sardinia and Sicily landscapes and so on !
More information about I.S.V. eligibility requirements and application process shall be obtained by Italian Government official website
Perhaps you'll have several doubts concerning steps of the procedure.
Legal advice in the complex procedure of I.S.V. and the follow-up of your company contacting or writing to De Valeri Law Firm based in Rome, location of the Ministry.

Mr. Luigi De Valeri
Rome Bar Attorney
De Valeri Law Firm
Company, I.P. Employment and Administrative Law
Via Maria Cristina, 2
00196 Rome Italy
facsimile +39.6.3220940

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